Dimora Story

Our Mission Is Heal the Pain, Feel the Health

Dimora focuses on and protect fragile skin. With over 10 years of dedication to the research and production of high-end dressings, Dimora aims to provide professional care for patients with conditions such as pressure ulcers, burns, ulcers, postoperative wounds, and diabetic foot. They are committed to ensuring that every patient feels their skin is valued and cared for. By offering soft, flexible, and well-adherent AWC(Advanced Wound Care), they aim to alleviate pain and promote wound healing. Dimora values every user experience, cares for every inch of the wound, and wholeheartedly nurtures every individual's skin.

Dimora Story

In 2016, Dr. Li organized a charity event called "Caring for Butterfly Babies." Some of these adorable little creatures faced challenges as they suffered from wounds and blisters, preventing them from enjoying a carefree childhood. Unfortunately, due to their unique conditions, they couldn't use conventional medications or allow their wounds to be irritated.

Dr. Li, as the primary physician for these butterfly babies, empathized with their pain. He discovered that using high-end dressings manufactured by Winner reduced the skin's pain and friction sensations. Moreover, these dressings were available at only half the price of international market rates.

Dr. Li immediately shared this information with our founder, JQ, and suggested that it should be promoted and sold beyond just being an OEM service.

Inspired by this revelation, JQ established the Dimora brand in 2017. The primary goal was to alleviate the pain and reduce the economic burden for millions of patients worldwide, ensuring that they could benefit from high-quality and cost-effective products. Within two years, Dimora released a series of premium dressings designed for different body parts and began marketing them through both online and offline channels in the US market.

Dimora's dressings are soft, breathable, and effectively protect the butterfly babies' wounds and blisters while reducing pain. These dressings not only provide a pain-free experience but also offer excellent friction resistance, enabling the butterfly babies to enjoy life freely.

Dimora understands that these butterfly babies require special care and attention. They also recognize the challenges of pain and economic burden faced by these individuals. Therefore, Dimora is committed to providing affordable, high-quality dressings, alleviating their suffering, and reducing their economic burden.We believe that every butterfly baby deserves a joyful and pain-free childhood.

Dimora's mission is to create a world where millions of butterfly babies can experience reduced pain and a lighter economic burden.Dimora, soaring alongside butterfly babies, provides pain-free medical dressings. We strive to liberate them from suffering, embrace a happy childhood, and lay the foundation for their future growth. We firmly believe that each butterfly baby is unique and deserves our care and compassion. This is Dimora, the brand that embarks on a journey towards happiness alongside butterfly babies.