Who We Are

Winner Medical was founded in 1991, we are the top OEM & ODM advanced wound care dressing manufacturer in China, providing innovative advanced wound care solution for patients and healthcare providers. We owned our own foaming, silicone, gelling fiber, antimicrobial technologies and biotechnology, possessing more than 100 R&D employees, CNAS certified laboratory, working with professional hospitals and Chinese Academy of Science for clinical studies.

We are one of the first companies who introduced ISO Quality Management System, obtained ISO, CE, FDA certificates and more than 250 authorized patents, and drafted 12 national and industry standards. With over 30 years’ dedication in wound care industry, Winner’s wound care products are exported to over 110 countries.


The origin of Winner “cotton tissue” comes from a medical accident. After an operation in 2001, the gauze fluff fell off and caused wound infection, which touched Li Jianquan, who had been engaged in the medical dressing industry for 20 years at that time. Is it possible to develop a cotton product that will not break the yarn end and will not lose fluff? The R&D team put all their attention on the search for craftsmanship, and finally the discovery of non-woven fabrics gave the team hope. At that time, the non-woven materials in the global market were all made of chemical fibers, but we wanted to use cotton, which was unprecedented in the entire industry. Walking a road that no one else has traveled is doomed to be difficult. Just like a marathon, with a total distance of 42.195 kilometers, no one knows whether they can run to the end. JQ Li firmly believes that there is hope if he runs. According to JQ Li's idea, the R&D team needs to try and explore a new process. 1096 days, 2156 experiments, 537 tons of cotton... It is precisely because of this persistence that in 2005, the cotton spunlace non-woven technology was finally developed, and the world's first pure cotton soft towel was born. We found that cotton is flexible, absorbent, safe and environmentally friendly to replace paper towels!

We make pure cotton soft towels, not only because of its comfort and health, but also because of its huge environmental protection value. Cotton is degradable and sustainable throughout the year. If each of us uses a little more cotton towels and a little less paper towels, it can bring great help to environmental protection.

A person's dream, to the persistence of a group of people, converge into a larger belief. Our belief - cotton changes the world!


In the 1990s, when China's medical gauze products were not recognized by the international market, and exports were mainly semi-finished products, Winner Medical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Winner Medical) is one of the earliest domestic companies that established a full industrial chain of medical gauze from cotton procurement to spinning and weaving, and realized the direct export of sterilized gauze products, with the products obtained the EU CE certification and the Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare certification, which shows Winner Medical is in the forefront of the market in the field of medical dressings. Winner Medical is a medical and health company that takes "cotton" as the core and realizes the coordinated development of the medical and consumer sectors through three major brands, they are, Winner Medical, Purcotton, PureH2B. Winner and Dimora are the sub-brand under Winner Medical.