Effect of Foam Dressing in Improving Edema, Comfort and Quality of Life of Patients with Ostomy

Stomas, especially colorectal stoma, are not uncommon in clinical practice. There are also many studies on the diagnosis, treatment and clinical care of such patients. With the continuous improvement of clinical attention to the comprehensive survival status of patients with colorectal stoma, the improvement of all aspects of patients with stoma and colorectum has become the focus of nursing and treatment intervention.


However, there are many aspects that need to be improved in patients with colorectal stoma, among which the degree of edema, comfort and quality of life are indicators that need to be improved urgently and are closely related to the comprehensive survival status, so there is a high demand for improvement. This blog analyzes the effect of foam dressing like silicone border dressing in improving edema, comfort and quality of life in patients with stoma.


1. Foam dressing has been applied in many wounds and researched more


Colorectal cancer is not uncommon in clinical practice, and there are many related studies on surgical stoma in this type of patients. There are also many studies on the related problems faced by many stoma patients in the early stage, so the demand for solutions to stoma and related problems is relatively high. And edema and discomfort are the key aspects that need to be solved urgently in such patients. Furthermore, the reduction in the quality of life of patients caused by stoma is also an aspect that needs to be improved urgently. Therefore, on the basis of routine nursing intervention, it has become the focus of clinical research to find ways to improve the above-mentioned aspects of patients. In recent years, there have been many related studies on the effect of stoma dressings on stoma. Foam dressing as one of the medical care supplies and as a kind of dressing with a high degree of recognition, the application research in stoma patients is very rare. However, the detailed research on its effect on stoma patients, especially the comprehensive research on patient edema, discomfort and quality of life, is very rare.


2. Foam dressing has a good clinical effect


Foam dressing as one kind of medical care supplies not only has better absorption and retention of exudates, but also reduces the discomfort of the skin due to exudate immersion. In addition, the release of silver ions has antibacterial and bactericidal effects on the local area, and has a positive clinical effect on local dry and humidity regulation and anti-pathogen infection, so it has a high degree of clinical recognition. However, there is still a lot of room for comprehensive and detailed discussion of foam dressing for stoma patients.


The comparison between foam dressing and conventional treatment and nursing shows that foam dressing plays a more positive clinical role in improving the degree of edema in patients with stoma, and at the same time it can significantly improve the comfort and quality of life of patients, indicating that the application value of such dressings is higher. By analyzing the reasons, it is found that foam dressing has more effective bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects to reduce infection, while the exudate absorption effect greatly reduces the growth environment of pathogenic bacteria, and at the same time regulates the dryness and humidity of the stoma. These have laid the foundation for the early and substantial improvement of the stoma state, and further provided the premise for the early adaptation of stoma patients, so the quality of life of the patients has been greatly improved.

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