Cotton Soft Towel with So Many Uses!

As a daily contact cleaning supplies, once there are bacteria breeding, it not only can't play a cleaning effect, but also may bring us especially children and old people with low immunity certain health hazards. Since bacteria can't be avoided, it's better to cut off the source directly, switch our thinking to choose a more hygienic, safer, and more assured product.


I believe everyone might have such experience, if you blow your nose too often when having a cold, it might be redness and even pain. Pure cotton towels make up for this defect. The 100% excellent cotton brings a cloud-like soft touch, each cotton towel is delicate and soft, comfortable and close to the skin, it will not feel stinging even dry rubbing or repeated rubbing.


About wiping our face, how many people wonder why should we use the cotton tissue for face? But since they used it, their attitudes have completely changed: how can there be such a good thing! Later, the dry cotton tissue has become an indispensable cleaning product in life, besides washing the face, it was also used in many aspects. Here we take a look at the multiple functions of cotton tissue, some of which you might not expect.


1. Dry cotton tissue can be used for washing face


Many people buy dry cotton tissue to wash their face. Because relatively speaking, towels might harbor bacteria and sometimes might damage the cuticle of the skin due to the different materials, by comparison, cotton towels are actually cleaner and more hygienic.


2. Dry cotton tissue can help clean and care for baby


Dry cotton tissue is delicate and not sensitive. It is generally used for cleaning and the care of babies' hands, feet and butts. It feels smooth, and soft and can reduce the damage caused by repeated wiping, and will not hurt baby's delicate skin.


3. Dry cotton tissue can be used for the postpartum care for mothers


Women after cesarean section and perineal side incision need special postpartum care, in order to prevent the bacterial growth and infection when cleaning the wound, don't use towels or toilet paper, dry cotton tissue is more healthy and hygienic.


4. Dry cotton tissue can be used for breast cleaning during the suckling period


Nursing mothers must pay attention to regular breast cleaning in order to reduce breast chapping and other phenomena during the suckling period, it's clean and not sensitive to wipe it clean with dry cotton tissue, and can provide a healthy lactation environment for baby.


5. Dry cotton tissue can hydropathic compress


Dry cotton tissue without any additives can be used both wet and dry, and can also be used as a cotton pad to remove makeup, wet compress, which is more secure.


6. Dry cotton tissue can be used for daily household cleaning


In addition to the above advantages, dry cotton tissue like babycare cotton tissue can also be used in daily cleaning, such as baby toys cleaning, before and after meals cleaning, and outside playing cleaning and so on.


After knowing so many uses of cotton tissue for face, the next step is to know how to choose it. Some cotton wipes contain fluorescent agents, is small and thin, and easy to be cracked when they are pulled, and they might also drop cotton wool, not to mention washing your face, it is not comfortable to wipe the table.

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