What is Pure Cotton Tissue? What Does Pure Cotton Tissue Do?


Ⅰ. Pure cotton tissue is a kind of soft paper towel

Soft tissue is the name of a large category. Pure cotton tissue is a non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric) made of cotton, viscose and other fibers, processed by non-woven processes such as spunlace, and then cut into dry wipes of different sizes, suitable for adults or babies. Children are used for daily cleaning and care. Because it is produced by advanced cotton spunlace non-woven fabric technology and then sterilized by high-pressure steam, it has the characteristics of soft and delicate, good water absorption, and no lint. New eco-friendly alternatives to cotton pads, face wipes and more. Generally, towels that are used repeatedly for a long time are prone to breed a large number of mites. Using such towels will make the skin rough and the pores will be enlarged. Pure cotton tissue is highly absorbent and has been sterilized, so it is a lot of love to use pure cotton tissue to wash your face in the morning. A new choice for beautiful women. There are also newborn babies, because the skin is relatively delicate, if you use ordinary paper towels, it will be rough, but using pure cotton tissue can better protect the skin and make the baby feel very comfortable.

Pure cotton tissue is mainly used when changing diapers for babies, so when changing diapers, you usually untie the diapers first and press them under his butt. At home, we generally use pure cotton tissue. Pure cotton tissue with warm water will be more comfortable for the baby, and then dipped in warm water to wipe his ass. If you want to wipe the poop after pooping, remember to wipe the poop with wet pure cotton tissue and then dry it with dry pure cotton tissue, because if you don’t have moisture to dry it, the child’s butt will easily turn red.

Ⅱ. The role of pure cotton tissue

1. Baby care: Babies' skin is relatively delicate, and the rough texture of paper towels will hurt the baby's skin. Some wet wipes contain some unhealthy ingredients, so I dare not use them. Pure cotton tissue has a single ingredient, so it is safer.

2. Wash your face: Washing your face with a towel is indeed very prone to bacteria, but pure cotton tissue is not prone to these situations. One sheet at a time is clean and hygienic, and can be recycled after drying.

3. Makeup removal: some poor-quality makeup remover cottons have a lot of small flakes when removing makeup, and it takes a lot of makeup remover water. Pure cotton tissue is not easy, one can remove the whole face, and no matter how you wipe it, it is not easy to get flakes.

4. Menstrual period care: The menstrual period is the most vulnerable process for girls. During the process of washing hands after going to the bathroom, you can use pure cotton tissue to wipe your hands with water. If you are at home, you can wet them with warm water.

5. Traveling: There are many things to bring when traveling, such as paper towels, towels, makeup remover cotton, etc. At this time, it is much more convenient to replace these with pure cotton tissue.

6. It can be used as a rag: it is best not to throw away the soft cotton towel after washing your face and hands. It can be reused to wipe tables, shoes, and hoods. It is very clean.

7. Make kitchen napkins and oil-absorbing towels: In the process of making fried food, you can use pure cotton tissue as oil-absorbing paper for oil-absorbing treatment, and the effect is not bad.


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