Using Foam Dressings to Improve the Quality of Chronic Wound Prevention and Treatment

A chronic wound is a wound that cannot be repaired normally, orderly, in a timely manner, and cannot restore normal structure and function after repair. Clinically, the main types are diabetic foot, pressure injury, and lower extremity arteriovenous ulcer. Chronic wound treatment is a comprehensive discipline with surgery as the core, involving many aspects such as the mechanism research of wound damage, wound repair materials, application of new technologies and new instruments and equipment, etc. It is a highly specialized field.


1. Use silicone foam dressing to protect the risk of damage


Under the current background of unbalanced medical resources, it is not easy to help patients receive homogeneous treatment, comfortable treatment and precise treatment. The elderly are especially the main population of chronic wounds. At the same time, people with incontinence and dementia are also prone to chronic wounds. Chronic wounds have the characteristics of high morbidity and high risk. If they cannot be treated in time, the best time for treatment will be delayed, resulting in the occurrence of amputation and other consequences that damage physical and mental health, and seriously affect the quality of life of patients. One of the most pressing problems in the field. No matter what the cause of chronic wounds, caregivers often feel great pressure because it is not easy to take care of. Therefore, prevention is very important.


In most cases, chronic wounds are preventable with careful care by caregivers, including nurses, caregivers, and family members. The selection of appropriate functional dressings, silicone foam dressing products can not only help patients with chronic wounds reduce the risk of infection, manage exudate, relieve pain, and promote wound healing, but also help high-risk groups protect the skin at risk of pressure injury.


2. Silicone foam dressing improves the quality of prevention and treatment


Pressure injuries, also known as pressure ulcers. The main reason for its formation is that the skin tissue is under pressure for a long time, and it occurs in patients with long-term bedridden and paraplegic mobility disorders. The lesions may be intact skin or open wounds, and may be accompanied by pain.


At present, many patients or their family members do not fully understand the causes and hazards of pressure ulcers, and most of them do not take corresponding preventive measures, which makes pressure ulcers getting more serious. Use silicone foam dressing with border to protect skin at risk of pressure injury. It has been proved by many evidence-based nursing practices around the world that it can help patients return to their daily lives. Currently, the only one approved by the State Food and Drug Administration to assist in the prevention of intact skin pressure ulcers and pressure injuries is foam dressing.


Using appropriate dressings is actually the best care for patients and people at high risk of pressure ulcers. As the disease progresses, the ability of limbs to move slowly will be lost, and long-term bed rest can easily cause pressure ulcers. Foam dressing can help them relieve pain, slow the progression of the disease, and reduce their financial burden.

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