Pure Cotton Towel: Comfortable, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly, Creating a New Era of Paper Towels

Speaking of pure cotton towels, we have to mention the patent technology of cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric certified by more than 30 countries around the world, which is called "A great innovation in the textile industry". However, medical gauze is a kind of cloth made of yarn, which inevitably have yarn tips after cutting, this problem has troubled the medical industry for more than one hundred years. After thousands of tests and studies, through the physical supernatural, environmental protection spunlaced technology, the cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric was developed, which completely overcome this problem.


The cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric is applied in the medical field, at the same time, considering its superior flexibility, comfort, cleanliness and safety, it has also been decided to put to be used on the market, hope that it will bring more comfortable experience to people's life. Then the disposable cotton tissue was born.


1. Process properties of disposable cotton tissue


Speaking of the patent technology of disposable cotton tissue like cotton tissue for face, it turns cotton cloth directly into cotton tissue for face by the cotton selection, flower cleaning, impurity removal and other 12 processes, to make it extremely soft, skin-friendly in the dry state, and make it more resilient after wet water, which can be reused 2-3 times, more economical and more safe.


In the selection of materials, it's adhered to the selection of first grade cotton with no chemical fiber mixed, no debris and long fiber, so cotton and Australian cotton are imported at high prices. Therefore, cotton towels can be put in your baby's mouth to grind their teeth, and of course, it is more assured to be used.


Its unique softness, skin affinity and hydrophilic properties can make it have a wider range of uses: daily cleaning, sweat wiping, glasses wiping, baby toys wiping, insoles making and so on are very suitable, the key is that it can keep strong and not be broken after wetting.


2. Disposable cotton paper towels are made of 100% cotton


It's double thick and delicate touch, and there is no fluorescent whitening agent, which is mild and non-irritating; The unique mesh design can better clean the dirt of the skin hair follicles; It is especially suitable for sensitive muscles and acne muscles using.


Promoting the disposable cotton tissue can promote its sustainable environmental protection value in addition to its excellent practical value, compared to paper towels or chemical fiber, it does have too much surprising value: A pure cotton towel made of cotton, which is three times more useful than paper towels. Each person uses a pure cotton towel every day can save 3 paper towels, and the earth can reduce 120 million trees being cut down every year.


Meanwhile, the process of making paper towels doesn't just consume a lot of trees, coal resources also causes waste water, waste gas and other pollution. Think about how many trees must be cut down to meet the needs of 7.8 billion global population to using at least six paper towels per person per day. The world's trees have been cut down in just 40 or 50 years to meet the human demand for paper towels, so manufacturers have to use waste paper, chemical additives for recycling! Moreover, in order to make the original yellow wood pulp into the so-called whiter, brighter and more fashionable disposable paper towels, some black-heart paper factories not only choose chlorine as bleach in the production process, but also add carcinogenic substances such as fluorescent whitening agents without control.

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