Interpretation of Cotton Soft Towel from the Perspective of Environmental Protection

Cotton soft wipes are now a daily necessity in our lives. They can replace paper towels, wet wipes, towels, cotton pads, etc. It is more convenient to use and has a wider range of applications. Therefore, cotton soft tissue has been widely loved by mothers and young women since its birth. So do you really know cotton soft towels?

Cotton soft towel is a kind of cotton towel made of 100% pure natural cotton, because it is produced by advanced cotton spunlace non-woven fabric technology and then made after high-pressure steam sterilization, it has softness, fineness, water absorption Good performance, no chipping and so on. The reason why cotton soft tissue are recognized by consumers is not only that the quality and cost performance of dry cotton tissue are better than paper towels and wet wipes. From an environmental point of view, cotton soft towels are far better than paper towels made of wood pulp and petrochemically extracted wet wipes.

Now humans are aware of the importance of environmental protection, in order to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, the protection of green mountains, green water, blue sky and sea. We have started to plant a large number of trees and afforestation, and return farmland to forests, hoping to give our children and grandchildren a blue sky, a piece of green water and green mountains. The raw materials of paper towels we use every day are trees. As our daily fast-moving consumer goods, paper towels undoubtedly pose a great threat to trees. The appearance of cotton soft towels just solves this problem.

1. The raw material of cotton soft tissue is cotton

Cotton soft tissue is grown by the farmers. It can be mass-produced once a year or twice a year. In China, Xinjiang is a cotton production base, where mechanized production has begun, and the annual output can fully meet Raw material demand for soft towel manufacturers. Don't worry about not having enough trees, and don't worry about damaging the environment. Cotton is a renewable material.

2. Cotton soft tissue is based on natural cotton

Not only comfortable to use but also 100% biodegradable! Does this contribute to environmental protection? In addition, energy consumption is also reduced in the production process. Cotton soft towel manufacturers process 100% natural cotton through a series of processes such as cleaning, carding, netting, spunlace, degreasing, bleaching, and drying, and directly process the cotton into "cotton cloth" within 2-3 days, breaking the original It takes 1-2 months for spinning and weaving, which greatly improves production efficiency, significantly reduces energy consumption, and reduces pollution and carbon emissions. Isn't this a model of resource conservation and environmental friendliness?

3. Why should cotton soft tissue be 100% pure natural cotton?

That's because cotton fiber is a natural fiber, non-irritating when in contact with the skin, and has excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties. Cotton fibers absorb moisture from the air and can have a moisture content as high as 8-10%. Therefore, when the fabric is in contact with human skin, it will feel particularly soft and comfortable.

When the humidity of the cotton fiber is too high, and the surrounding temperature is high, the moisture in the cotton fiber will evaporate quickly, so that the cotton fiber always maintains a state of water balance, so that people will feel to very comfortable. Cotton soft tissue is absolutely beneficial and has no disadvantages. Since it is so good, then use it as soon as possible, and do your best to contribute to environmental protection.


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