Foam Dressings Are Highly Absorbent

Due to the increasingly prominent problem of the aging of the global population, the field of medical dressings is also developing rapidly. Because the new medical dressing supplies can not only reduce the amount of medical dressings, but also can significantly shorten the time for wound healing. With the accelerated pace of life, people have higher requirements for their recovery time once they are sick. Therefore, the new medical dressing has been quickly recognized and widely used.


1. The emergence and development of new medical dressing supplies


The development of new medical dressings is based on the concept of moisturizing healing, and on the premise of maintaining the moisture of the wound and accelerating the healing speed of the patient's wound. It was first discovered in 1962 by a British doctor that the speed of wound healing is affected by the environment of the wound, and this theory was widely accepted in the 1970s. People also have higher requirements for the recovery time of painful wounds. At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in the fields of materials science and industrial science, and many new dressings have been born and gradually applied to the clinical medical field. The new medical dressing supplies online are actually new products obtained by improving on the basis of traditional dressings, which not only cover many aspects of physiology, biology, nursing and surgery, and nutrition, but also put patients in the actual rehabilitation process. The material requirements and morphological requirements of the dressing are carefully considered and designed.


New foam silicone dressing can ensure the moisture of the patient's pressure ulcer, preserve the wound exudate, and provide a good environment for the growth of the wound. In this environment, the content of growth factors in human epidermal cells can be increased, and the growth of keratinocytes and endothelial cells can be promoted. In addition, there are also a large number of lymphocytes in the exudate in the humid environment, which can make the patient in an ideal healing environment. In this hypoxic environment, the patient's capillaries grow toward the central wound of the oxygen concentration, creating a slightly acidic environment that stimulates capillary regeneration. In addition, the use of new dressings can promote the release of active factors in wound exudate and promote the dissolution of fibrin. After the dissolution of fibrin, inflammatory cytokines will gradually heal and the activity of growth factors will be enhanced.


2. The strong water absorption properties of foam dressing


Foam dressing is also composed of an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is mostly a hydrophilic material, while the outer layer is a hydrophobic material. The water absorption of this dressing is quite strong, the maximum water absorption can reach 10 times its own quality, and it also has excellent plasticity. Therefore, it can be made into any shape and thickness, and the protection of the wound can be more in place. And this material also has some shortcomings - due to its low transparency, it is very unfavorable for medical staff to observe wound healing. The adhesive performance is also relatively poor compared to other dressings. Therefore, other materials may be required for fixing and so on.


Practice has confirmed that foam silicone dressing has a porous structure, high elasticity and breathability, and can pass through carbon dioxide and oxygen. The treatment of the exudate by the dressing is controlled by the absorption and transport mechanism of water vapor, and the dressing has high plasticity and can be made into dressings of various thicknesses, which can play an ideal protective effect on the wound surface.

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