Application of High-end Medical Dressings

From a global perspective, the overall wound care products are showing an increasing trend due to the aging population, the increasing prevalence of diabetes and obesity, and the growing concern about chronic wound care such as bedsores and ulcers that are closely related to the elderly. As a rigid demand, the global advanced wound dressing market demand will continue to grow.


1. The concentration of wound dressing industry will be improved


At present, the entry threshold of the traditional medical dressing industry is low, and there are many manufacturers. The important reason for the low entry threshold of the medical dressing industry is the lag and restrictions of relevant industry standards. With the continuous improvement of industry standards and the establishment of the industry supervision system, the entry threshold of the industry will be relatively raised, the competitive advantages of leading companies in the industry will become more prominent, the disadvantaged companies will be gradually eliminated, and the industry concentration will be improved. At the same time, as labor costs and transportation costs continue to rise, the manufacturing costs of the industry are rising and pressure is increasing. Only companies with large-scale production and operation capabilities can effectively control costs and continue to occupy the market high ground.


In addition, the new high-end advanced wound dressing will be the future technology development trend of the industry. However, the research and development and clinical trials of high-end dressings require a lot of human, material and financial resources. Only industry-leading companies can use their own industrial operation capabilities and brand influence to obtain scarce resources such as funds and high-end R&D talents required for development. Therefore, the market share of the industry will gradually be concentrated to the leading companies in the industry, and the industry concentration will be further improved.


2. High-end medical wound dressing will be more widely used


Modern medical theory proves that wound healing is a continuous dynamic process, which is a process of interaction between cells, cells and cell matrices, and soluble media. In the past ten years, research in the field of wound healing has made breakthroughs. Especially with the popularization of the theory and practice of "wet therapy", high-tech medical dressings like foam dressing with silicone border have been paid more and more attention in the world medical and health field since the 1970s.


From the perspective of global trends, the downstream market has an increasingly urgent demand for multi-functional, new material and high value-added medical wound dressings, and traditional cotton gauze is increasingly being replaced by new high-end medical dressings. In addition to better clinical use effects, some new high-end medical dressings with stronger functions can save patients' nursing costs while making wounds heal better. And greatly reduce the nursing time and the consumption of various auxiliary materials used in the nursing process.


After entering the 21st century, with the acceleration of the aging process of the world, the prevalence of diabetic ulcers and varicose ulcers associated with it has been increasing. As a result, the demand for high-end medical dressings with better efficacy and higher nursing efficiency has increased, and the high-end medical wound dressing industry will usher in good development opportunities.


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