30+ Years Medical Provider Invitation for Arab Health 2024

Winner Medical, as the one -stop medical solution provider, will attend the exhibition Arab Health 2024 on Jan 29-Feb 1,2024. The booth NO. is SA.M01 at Saeed Arena Hall of Dubai World Trade Centre.

As we known, Arab Health is the most significant event for the healthcare industry that plays an instrumental role in bringing together regional and international policy drivers, thought leaders, and healthcare professionals through trade and innovation. Discover the future of healthcare where collective effort, patient-centered care, and technology come together for a sustainable, next-gen healthcare experience. There will take advantage of the 3 new tracks on Diabetes, Infection Control, and CSSD!


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For the professional exhibition, Winner Medical will show the innovative products, wound care solution, infection prevention solution and home care solution. It is worth mentioning that the advanced wound dressing and environmentally friendly surgical solution have been listed and highly welcomed in some market.

For the wound care solution of Winner Medical, there are some typical products with clinical certification, such as foam dressing, silicone foam dressing, alginate dressing, CMC gelling fiber dressing, superabsorbent dressing, etc. From raw material to products, it makes Winner become the high exuding wounds management expert, which provides the optimal moisture healing environment with super soft touch-feelings. In the fact, Winner owns the full series of wound care solving solution, from debridement, infection and inflammation control, moisture balance and edge & support, for different period of wounds.

Besides, for infection and prevention solving solution, the environmentally friendly material should be one of the big advantages. The sustainable surgical solutions that strike a balance between patient safety and environmental responsibility.  Winner’s commitment is to offer eco-friendly alternatives to disposable (SMS/SMMS/SMMMS) surgical gowns, surgical trays, and drapes. As a leader in the medical field, Winner Medical is actively contributing to the ongoing conversation on "Carbon Neutrality" and working towards a greener future for healthcare.

Winner Medical, with 30+ years medical industry business experiences, warmly looks forward to your visit, and hope to communicate with you about Winner Brand, wound care products, infection prevention products, and home care products. Of course, I will be better for us to talk more about technology innovation and clinic case application. Winner still adhering to the mission, "Quality priority over profit; Brand priority over speed; Social value priority over enterprise value."

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