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Quality is Superior to Profit - Winner Medical is devoted to providing customers with a commitment to expertise and peace of mind as a trustworthy industry leader that adheres to its core principle of "quality is superior to profit."

Brand Superior to Speed - Since Winner Medical Group has maintained a steady growth of business every year. It has taken a solid step in the modernization management of human resources system construction, information construction and e-commerce, also achieving to the company's standardized, streamlined and systematic operation mode.

Social Responsibility Superior to Enterprise Value - Winner Medical always shows highly society responsibility since the company was established. The brand has made great contributions on medical protective products supplies during Covid-19.







The Spirit of Alstruism


The Pursuit of Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle


 The Pursuit of Sustainable Development


The Pursuit of Long Lasting

Our Honors

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China's medical consumables industry benchmarking enterprise

Awarded in 2021

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International Reputation Brand

Awarded in 2021

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Winner has professional R&D teams combining theory and practice. By actively cooperating with scientific research institutions and clinical institutions, they jointly researched and developed innovative and cutting-edge medical supplies, as well as achieved numerous breakthroughs.


Patents Granted

A total of 670 domestic authorized patents, including 38 invention patents, 412 utility model patents and 220 appearance patents; a total of 61 overseas authorized patents, including 56 invention patents and 5 utility model patents.


Scientific Cooperation

Cooperate with American Cotton Company, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT)-Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions to jointly work on high-tech projects.


High-Tech Achievements

Obtaining innovative research and development results including PurCotton and advanced wound dressings Acquired 12 provincial and municipal certifications.


Clinical Partners

West China Hospital, General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.


The Wenchuan Great Earthquake

2008.5. 12

Winner Medical packed overnight and was the first to promptly deliver medical donations worthing RMB 1 million to the affected areas, and subsequently airlifted supplies and donations to the affected areas many times.

8 hours after the Ya'an earthquake

2013.4. 20

Winner Medical immediately organized the first medical supply to the affected areas by April 26 A total of 6 batches of material donations were made.

Yibin Earthquake


Winner Group immediately organized the relief supplies to donate to the affected areas.

Covid-19 Epidemic


Over 700,000 medical masks and 36,000 medical hydrocolloid dressings were donated to more than 20 frontline key hospitals and government departments nationwide; 60,000 pairs of Purcotton adult diapers and more than 7,000 pieces of thermal underwear and others were donated to major hospitals.The total donation worthed RMB 13 million.

Henan Rainstorm Disaster

2021.7. 21

PurCotton and Winner Medical immediately organized medical and healthcare and daily necessities to reach the disaster area to alleviate the impact of the disaster on welfare homes, nursing homes, hospitals and other units The total donation value exceeds 21.3 million yuan.