Winner medical is the first company which has strong R&D strength and achieves stable mass production of medical-grade foam in China. Our foam is TDI based hydrophilic polyurethane foam and has good physical properties such as: soft, faster absorption, higher absorbency and excellent retention, and also it has passed the biocompatibility test.

Medical-grade hydrophilic Polyurethane foams offer superior absorbency and comfort making them a perfect choice for e. g. wound dressing. During to their excellent absorption and retention characteristics these foams can absorb >15 times their own weight in fluid- features that enable them to set high standards in the medical field. Our “pour to thickness” manufacturing process allows us to produce in a wide range of thicknesses, from 1.5 mm to 6.0 mm. Foaming on the PU film directly bring ultra soft, high MVTR and excellent comfort. Silver or PHMB as antimicrobials are added during the foaming process which allows our customers to convert it into high quality antimicrobial dressings. We have developed different types of Medical-grade hydrophilic Polyurethane foam suitable for different purposes, including vertical absorption, good retention, excellent conductivity, fine foam, thick holes foam, high density foam... We can customize according to customer requirements..

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Each piece of Purcotton cotton spun lace non-woven fabric must be washed with high temperature "pure oxygen water" before it is fabricated to ensure that the fabric is clean!

Technology refining: The world's most advanced raw cotton processing technology, spun lace technology, and debleaching technology is perfectly combined. At the same time, using the innovative production technology and equipment of "spun lace first and debleaching", the patented technology of PurCotton spun lace non-woven fabric was successfully developed;

Winner Medical uses advanced raw cotton processing technology to efficiently remove the short lint, foreign fibers, three filaments, and other impurities in the cotton fiber at the beginning of production, so as to provide a guarantee for high-quality fabrics;

It uses advanced spun lace core methods to directly process cotton into "cotton cloth" within 2 to 3 days. This breaks the original spinning and weaving time limit of 1 to 2 months, greatly improves production efficiency, significantly reduces energy consumption, and reduces pollution and carbon emissions. Therefore, it has become a model of resource-saving and environment-friendly.

The ingenious application of the post-debleaching process design can effectively control the initial contamination of the cloth within 150cfu/dm2, thus meeting the requirements of medical standards..