Why is Pure Cotton Tissue a Better Choice?

Raising a baby is not a simple matter. The most torturous thing is the child's urination and defecation problem. The baby's red ass is a big event for the whole family, and it makes parents feel bad. Especially when the child's butt is red, you can't even wipe it with a tissue, and the child will cry in pain when you touch it lightly. What should I do?


Fortunately, we now have a new option - pure cotton tissue. Pure cotton tissue refers to care products made of cotton as raw materials and made of special technology, which can replace wet and dry paper towels for the daily care of babies.


Parents who have taken care of newborns know that the number of times the baby urinates every day is a lot. You may have to change the diaper more than a dozen times a day, you may spit up milk several times, and you have to clean your baby many times a day. If you use towels for nursing, you may face a lot of changing and washing work, which is a great burden for parents who have been exhausted to take care of their babies. In addition to the inconvenience of changing and washing, towels are also a kind of irritation to the baby's skin, which can easily aggravate skin damage. In addition to towels, paper towels are also the most commonly used care products, which are convenient and fast, but paper towels are easy to fall off, and if they absorb too much water, they may fall apart. Moreover, the additives in paper towels still have the risk of irritating the baby's skin. For children with sensitive skin or who have developed diaper rash and drool rash, the use of paper towels will still sting the skin, and the children will cry and be irritable. Happening. Especially in the face of the baby's sudden spitting up, paper towels are not completely competent in terms of safety and performance.


1. Pure cotton tissue helps cotton fibres to form a soft surface structure due to the use of special technology


It can reach a softer level than paper towels, is very friendly to the baby's skin, and reduces damage caused by friction. As the raw material of pure cotton tissue, cotton itself is mild and non-allergenic, and there is no risk of irritation to children's skin. And pure cotton tissue can be used for both wet and dry. After adding water, it can be used instead of wet wipes for cleaning care. Pure cotton tissue is more convenient to store, and there is no need to worry about the risk of deterioration after opening the wipes may have.


2. pure cotton tissue can be treated with temperature


Small babies are more sensitive to temperature changes. If you use wet wipes directly for nursing in colder seasons, the child will feel cold and uncomfortable. Pure cotton tissue can solve this problem very well. Wet the pure cotton tissue directly with warm water for cleaning, so that the baby's little butt will not get cold.


At the same time, high-quality pure cotton tissue can also be used as beauty and skincare products, not only for babies but also for mothers. Especially sensitive skin mothers will feel better care when they use facial treatment.

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