What Does Sports Tape Do?

Sports tape, also known as muscle tape, is an elastic patch that was primarily developed to treat joint and muscle pain.


1. The purpose of using white sports tape


From the point of view of the purpose, of course, is to prevent the hand from sliding, and the palm is prone to sweat, especially when it is tense. The most important basic skill in badminton competition is to change the grip. In an important official game, if you make a mistake due to slipping, it will be hard to let go afterwards. Therefore, it is a matter, of course, to consider preventing the clapping caused by sweating, and the function of sports tape is not only that, the thickness of the clap handle can be adjusted by wrapping white sports tape. For example, people with big hands will feel that the badminton rackets sold on the market are too thin and difficult to grasp.


2. The materials of white sports tape are also various


There are leather or cotton fibres, and individuals can choose according to their preferences and adjust their special rackets. But don't wrap the sports tape so thick that you lose the original octagon shape of the handle. There are many kinds of soft and moist white sports tape available on the market.


3. The role of white sports tape


Sports tape can mainly play the role of reducing swelling and pain, and also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. After a long period of physical exercise, it may lead to the phenomenon of local muscle accumulation. By using ergonomic tape, local swelling and pain can be relieved, and local blood circulation and metabolism can be accelerated. White sports tape is beneficial to improve local oedema and avoid serious muscle development or unsightly appearance. The phenomenon.


This kind of tape is mostly used on athletes because once they have joint sprains, and muscle strains, and have to exercise, they can only be taped to prevent athletes from injury or to avoid the aggravation of existing injuries. At the same time, it also has a certain therapeutic effect, which is a very important aspect of preventing sports injuries.


The sports waterproof tape is made of elastic cotton cloth, which is impermeable to water, and will not fall off if there is sweat on the body surface or exercises in water. Using medical glue, the viscosity is better. It can be cut arbitrarily according to different parts, and it can fit the body softly.

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