What Are the Functions of Alcohol Wipes?

What Are the Functions of Alcohol Wipes?

With the development of the epidemic, people have begun to gradually realize the importance of disinfection products. We still remember that when the epidemic first broke out, all kinds of disinfection products were in short supply. Even if some unscrupulous merchants sat on the ground and raised their prices, everyone still had to frantically stock up. At that time, the country used a few It took months for the market environment to stabilize. Now every household has the awareness of using disinfection products, and alcohol wipes have become the best-selling product after masks. However, with the increase in market demand, the quality of alcohol wipes on the market is also mixed, and even some black workshops use industrial alcohol as an additive in order to make huge profits, completely disregarding the health of consumers.


Ⅰ. Alcohol wipes are disinfectant wipes, which have the effect of disinfection and sterilization

You can usually wipe your hands, face, etc., to keep the area clean and avoid infection. Alcohol based wipes can not only be used to wipe hands, face, etc., but also to clean the surface of shoes and wipe daily furniture. In addition to being used at home, Winner alcohol based wipes is also very convenient to carry when going out, and sterilization and disinfection can achieve the same effect as alcohol.


Ⅱ. The selection method of alcohol wipes

All alcohol based wipes have a shelf life. When purchasing alcohol wipes, you need to pay attention to whether they have expired. Once expired, the sterilization and disinfection components of alcohol based wipes will be greatly reduced. When choosing alcohol wipes and using alcohol wipes, you should pay attention to the following points:


1. Alcohol concentration

In the surface packaging of wet wipes, it is necessary to see that the alcohol content of the wet wipes should be above 75%-99%.


2. With or without nourishing ingredients

Alcohol can easily dry the skin after wiping the skin, so it depends on whether the top packaging of the wipes has nourishing ingredients. In addition, you need to pay attention to the use of disinfectant wipes: alcohol wipes are disposable consumables, which can be thrown away after use and cannot be used twice. Disinfectant wipes contain alcohol. When used or discarded, they should be kept away from fire or heat sources as much as possible to avoid fire.


Because alcohol has a disinfecting effect, it will reduce many bacterial infections, and alcohol wipes can be used with confidence. But the premise is to ensure that the packaging is well sealed, and there is no damage, etc. When buying alcohol wipes, it is also necessary to pay attention to that all alcohol wipes have a shelf life. Once expired, its sterilization and disinfection The ingredients will be greatly reduced, so once you see that the shelf life is over, don't buy it even if it is cheap, unless you are using it to wipe the table.

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