What Are the Benefits of Sports Bandages? What Kind of Sports Bandages?

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Sports bandage is actually a kind of bandage to prevent people from recurring old injuries or new problems during exercise. Its material and usage are different from those of medical bandages, and has good effect. There are various sports bandages used by athletes we see in our daily life. There are differences in appearance, material and function. We must pay attention to its characteristics when using it, and then choose the one that suits us. So what are the benefits of sports bandages?


1. The benefits of sports health bandages

(1) High elasticity, unrestricted movement of the joints after use, no shrinkage, no obstruction of blood circulation or displacement of the joints.


(2) It is easy to use, beautiful, suitable pressure, good air permeability, not easy to be infected, which is conducive to rapid wound healing, fast dressing, no allergic phenomenon, and does not affect the daily life of patients.


2. Types of sports health bandages

Sports medical tapes and bandages are divided into self-adhesive elastic bandages, high elastic bandages, spandex elastic bandages, 100% cotton elastic bandages, PBT elastic bandages, cotton selvage gauze bandages, PBT bandages with absorbent pads, and plaster according to different production materials. Dimora athletic medical tape & bandages, you can choose according to your needs.


3. The difference between athletic medical tape and bandage

(1) The main uses of athletic medical tape and bandage are different

Bandages are mainly to help patients fix the affected area or bandage to stop bleeding, and are necessary items for surgical operations. Sports medical tapes, also known as elastic bandages, are mainly used to prevent sports injuries and protect joints, and prevent excessive joint movement from causing strain.


(2) The size of athletic medical tape and bandage is different

Sports medical tape is a single layer with high elasticity, which can protect the joints and muscles. It has strong elastic properties. The bandage is like an elastic band. Sports bandages should be long, more than one meter long, and can be wound repeatedly.


(3) The parts of the action are different

Sports health bandages are mainly used on joint parts, such as knees, ankles, wrists, etc.; bandages can be used in almost all parts.

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