Talking About the Current Situation and Development Trend of Wound Dressing Market

Talking About the Current Situation and Development Trend of Wound Dressing Market

With the advancement of technology and knowledge, various artificial materials have been developed one after another and used as the matrix of modern dressings to replace traditional dressings. New dressings have emerged as the times require. They combine chemical materials, machinery, textiles and other traditional technologies to greatly improve dressing performance. And create a more diversified functional role. The development trend of breathable wound dressing in the future is also closely related to health and medical care. The dressing design of the future is not just to cover the wound comfortably, but to develop in a functional direction, such as aiding wound healing, medicated dressings, dressings tailored to the type of wound, and so on. But its only goal is to shorten the wound healing process and reduce wound pain as the ultimate goal.


1. Status of the wound dressing industry


With the application of new materials and new processes, various wound dressings are constantly emerging, for example, silicone foam dressing with border, and their performance is getting better and better. According to the material of wound dressing, it can be divided into traditional gauze dressing, biological dressing, synthetic dressing, mineral dressing, growth factor dressing, nanotechnology dressing, etc. Among them, the traditional gauze dressing has the greatest influence, the longest application time, and still occupies most of the market.


2. Global Medical Wound Dressing Market Scale


In recent years, the global medical dressing market is still in the expansion stage due to favorable factors that promote market growth, such as the increase in the number of surgeries and the increasing investment in emerging countries (Brazil, the Middle East, etc.). Due to the relatively developed economic level, the strong awareness of residents' medical care, and the influence of factors such as population aging, developed economies such as the United States and Europe are the most important medical dressing consumer markets in the world. And with the advantages of technology and talents, the above countries and regions have many world-renowned large-scale wound product multinational companies. Covering a wide range of business categories and products, the products are sold to many countries and regions, and the brand and corporate reputation and market share are relatively high.


However, affected by negative factors such as a large increase in minimally invasive surgery, the general downturn in the global economy and changes in currency exchange rates, the growth rate of the market scale has slowed down. However, due to the rigid demand for medical breathable wound dressing, the overall market size in Europe and the United States is relatively stable .


With the continuous increase of labor costs in developed countries, large medical device companies have gradually transferred the production of traditional wound care products with large labor requirements and low technical content in medical dressings to Asia, South America and other regions and countries, retaining R&D and marketing. In the market, it is sold under its own brand. China has undertaken this wave of industrial transfer, and has gradually formed a group of medical breathable wound dressing manufacturers engaged in original commissioned production and export-oriented medical dressings for large international medical dressing brands.


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