How Do Scar Tapes Work on Scars?

How Do Scar Tapes Work on Scars?

The silicone scar patch consists of a polyamide textile layer, a plastic film layer and a medical grade silicone layer, and the silicone layer uses 100% medical silicone gel. There are two series of standard model and thin model, which can be cut into different specifications. Silicone scar tapes are non-sterile products, self-adhesive, washable and reusable.


1. Silicone scar tape is a common topical drug in daily life

Silicone scar tapes are used in conjunction with other standard scar treatments to help improve old and new hypertrophic and pimple scar tissue on the skin, and to help prevent the formation of hypertrophic and pimple scar tissue. Silicone scar tapes are not suitable for unhealed wounds.


After external use, the silicone scar patch can repair the damaged skin barrier, and at the same time, it can quickly restore the scar, prevent some pigmentation effects on the skin, and make the surrounding skin look smoother and smoother. However, this method of treatment is generally for relatively shallow scars. If the scars are relatively deep, you need to go to a local regular hospital for treatment by laser surgery.


2. The role of silicone scar stickers

The main component of the silicone scar sticker is silica gel, which can help the skin absorb more water, thereby inhibiting the regeneration of capillaries, reducing collagen deposition, and effectively preventing scar hyperplasia, cutting off the connection between the wound and the outside world, and preventing infection. Silicone scar stickers have a good moisturizing and breathable effect, which can avoid the pain caused by dry scars. In addition, the silicone oil in the silicone gel in the scar patch also has the effect of softening the scar tissue.


3. How to use silicone scar stickers

Silicone scar stickers can prevent hyperplasia, prevent infection, and soften the newly healed scars. Silicone stickers are only an auxiliary anti-scar product. You cannot rely on silicone stickers to make scars disappear or prevent them from proliferating. The change in the state of the scar tends to stabilize, or the hyperplasia of the scar is reduced. Not recommended for use with ointments containing silicone gel ingredients. When starting to use it for the first time, especially for children, it is best to gradually increase the use time every day to avoid irritation to the skin. In addition, silicone scar patches are more effective when used in combination with tension-reducing tapes, tension-reducing devices or elastic sleeves.


Scar stickers and scar gels on the market are collectively referred to as silicone gel scar drugs in medicine. Their main ingredients are silicone, which is an internationally recognized anti-scar drug. Its function is to maintain the moisture covering the skin, soften scar tissue, reduce scar hyperplasia and infiltration of inflammatory cells and collagen deposition. It needs to be explained here that neither silicone drugs nor other scar creams can make scars disappear, but can prevent and improve scars. Silicone scar stickers can reduce scar hyperplasia and promote scar softening, but it is affected by many factors, such as the severity of the injury, the suture of the surgical incision, personal constitution, scar conditions and other factors, so the effects are not the same. 

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