How Do Alginate Dressings Help Wounds?

alginate wound dressing

Alginate dressing is a functional wound dressing made of natural cellulose extracted from seaweed. The main component is calcium alginate, which is a highly absorbent and biodegradable dressing. The alginate dressing itself is rich in mannuronic acid and calcium ions. When it encounters liquids rich in sodium ions (such as exudate and blood, etc.), calcium and sodium ions will be exchanged, calcium ions will be released, and sodium ions will be released. The ions combine with alginic acid to form a hydrophilic gel-like substance, which helps the wound maintain a moist environment and strengthens autolytic debridement, has a protective effect on the new tissue of the wound, and promotes the growth of granulation tissue. Alginate wound dressings are used in the cleaning and treatment of moderately to severely exuding wounds, and can also accelerate debridement in wounds with necrotic tissue.


1. Alginate wound dressings promote wound healing

Compared with other wound dressing products, alginate dressings have strong water absorption and can absorb a large amount of wound exudate to form a moist gel state, which is used to maintain good moisturization of wounds and strengthen autolytic debridement. In this environment, epidermal cells can swim and proliferate freely, which also accelerates the growth rate of granulation and the rate of new epithelium.


2. Alginate wound dressings help wound hemostasis

For the bleeding symptoms of fresh wounds, after covering the alginate wound dressing​, calcium ions can be released on the wound surface, which can promote the formation of prothrombin activator, thereby accelerating the coagulation process.


3. Alginate wound dressings isolate external germs

After the skin is ruptured, germs can easily invade the inside of the wound, and after covering with alginate dressing, it can effectively isolate external germs and prevent germs from invading the wound. Reduce the incidence of infection.


4. Alginate wound dressing will not adhere to the wound

The alginate dressing has good affinity, can be easily removed after absorbing water, is not easy to adhere to the wound, avoids secondary damage to the wound surface and relieves the pain of the wound.


The composition of medical alginate wound dressing is alginate, which is a natural polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from seaweed, and is a kind of natural cellulose. Alginate medical film, a functional wound dressing with high absorption performance composed of alginate. After the medical film contacts the wound exudate, it can form a soft gel, which provides an ideal moist environment for wound healing, promotes wound healing, and relieves wound pain.

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