Good Cotton Soft Towel Need to See Which Several Aspects?

As a strict mother, you can't just look at the sensory experience while choosing products. The most important thing for goods your baby to use closely is safety. Will there be fluorescent whitening agents? Will there be impurities that are not good for the baby's skin? Is the production environment clean and hygienic? Is it harmful to the body? The most important thing is the quality, good cotton soft towels must not have such problems.


1. The raw materials of soft cotton tissue should be good


High quality raw materials are the key to the quality of soft cotton tissue. Especially the nursing products for the baby's close-fitting using, only the raw material is safe, can the product be safe. Choose the product with strict control of raw materials is the really good product.


For the raw materials of cotton, high grade cotton should be selected from multiple dimensions. It's better to choose high quality raw materials with long cotton fiber length, moderate Macron value, low impurity rate and three filaments rate. Choose high quality cotton from various regions to minimize the harmful residues, so that the products made can be used at ease.


There are many types of pure cotton products advertised on the market. How can we distinguish whether it is a real pure cotton product or not when choosing? You can pick a small piece of the clothes fabric or a small thread of yarn at the side of the seam to close to the flame. The cotton fiber will not melt or shrink when it is close to the flame, it will be burned immediately when it contacts the flame, and the smell of burning paper will be emitted, after burning, the ash is fine and soft, gray black or gray flocculent, and without burnt blocks, such cotton is the real pure cotton product.


2. The soft cotton tissue factory environment should be good


Products produced in dirty places like small workshops or black-hearted factories have very big health risks. If the production environment is not standard and is unsanitary, the product may be polluted by bacteria and dirty impurities. Bad products that carry germs may cause baby to infect diseases and skin purulence. This is very terrible. Be sure to choose pure cotton dry wipes of the regular manufacturer before using it for your baby. 


Factory employees need to change isolation clothes, disinfect, wash hands, air shower, dust removal and other steps before entering the factory every day. Products are carried out by multiple assembly lines and the equipment is disinfected every two hours when using. Such strict environmental control makes people at ease. Modern factory buildings, automatic production processes, and strict environmental quality control make the soft cotton tissue for close-fitting using a hundred times safer.


3. The soft cotton tissue should not contain harmful substance residues


The soft cotton tissue for children using should be soft in texture and free of harmful substance residues, which includes heavy metals, benzene, transferable fluorescent agents and other substances. If unqualified products are accidentally used, they will not only cause damage to the body, but also affect the growth and development of children, and some chemicals that exceed the limits will even increase the risk of cancer. If you want to completely get rid of hidden dangers of harmful substances, the raw materials should be guaranteed. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality materials, products also need to have strict quality control means. After the formation of finished products, they still need to be passed the millimeter detection, electronic eye examination to remove impurities, finished products metal detection and other links before delivery. Do the best to ensure that each product is full of quality.

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