Five Uses of Facial Cotton Tissue

Five Uses of Facial Cotton Tissue

Many people now choose to use facial tissue instead of towels, because towels are usually placed in the bathroom, can't see the sun, are very humid, and are easy to breed bacteria, which is very bad for the skin, and facial cotton tissue is disposable, after use You can throw it away, it's cleaner. A lot of beauty bloggers don't usually use towels, but use cotton pads or soft cotton towels, because towels are usually replaced in about three months, and they are usually placed in the bathroom, which is dark and lacks sunlight. Bacteria grow more.


1. Facial cotton tissue can remove makeup and apply face

The cleansing effect of pure facial cotton tissue is no worse than that of cleansing cotton. Use it to remove makeup: Fold the cotton towel three times, pour out a certain amount of makeup remover, and after using one side, you can fold it and use the other side. A cotton towel can remove daily makeup, and it is more economical than cotton pads. After folding the cotton towel in half, spray some toner, and apply it wet. Cut the pure cotton towel to the appropriate size, pour on the lotion and apply it for moisturizing and skin care.


2. Facial cotton tissue can be cleaned daily

Because the friction force of facial cotton tissue is stronger than that of paper towels, it is more suitable for cleaning and wiping in various environments, and it can be used both wet and dry, which is very convenient. People usually wipe the table, wipe the shoes, wipe the screen of the glasses and the mobile phone, all of them will be clean with a light wipe, without leaving any scraps of paper.


3. Facial cotton tissue can clean the kitchen

Some people will put a box of pure cotton tissue in the kitchen. The sponges and dishcloths they usually use are always stained with oil, and they don't want to use them. It is much better with pure cotton towels. Usually, tableware with a small amount of oil stains can be cleaned with pure cotton towels without detergent. If there is a lot of oil, add some detergent, it is also very easy to wash, and it will not hurt your hands.


4. Facial cotton tissue can wrap food

Take a cotton towel and put the fried food on it to absorb the oil. You are not afraid that the excess oil will make you fat, and you will feel less guilty when you eat it. If it is a breakfast such as steamed custard buns and corn, put a cotton towel in the steamer, the taste will be better, and it can also prevent hands from being scalded.


5. Facial cotton tissue is a good travel product

Whether traveling or traveling, many book lovers keep a towel in their bag. It is particularly inconvenient to bring a towel when traveling, because the travel has to change many places in a short period of time, and it is often difficult to dry the towel when leaving a place. The wet towel will bring trouble and breed lots of bacteria. Facial cotton tissue = disposable towel + cotton pad + wet tissue + tissue + mask.

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